Snow in Jerusalem ?

Last Friday afternoon winter returned to Israel. After more than a week of relatively warm temperatures and sunny weather, the rain and the cold came back. People visiting Jerusalem these days should wear their winter clothes.
However, temperature is dropping even more. Today we still “enjoyed” 12 degrees Celsius but the stormy weather makes everything appear much colder. The rain is supposed to return tonight and the stormy weather is worsening. In the course of this week, temperature is falling to + 1 degree Celsius. Just slightly above zero. On Wednesday and Thursday there may be even snow.
Snow in Jerusalem is always something special but also leads to chaos. Israelis are not used to snow; let alone they know how to drive when it is snowing. As soon as heavy snow falls begin people stay at home and don’t even go to work. Buses stop running and Jerusalem has a day or two off. At least, until the snow is gone.
Cold weather, stormy winds and snow may not be such big deal in other countries. However, Israel doesn’t provide very efficient heating systems let alone window insulation. We can be lucky when our heater works and ceilings and windows don’t drip. 🙂

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