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Many secular Israelis seem to hate Haredim but when it comes to haredi matters, suddenly everyone seems to be interested. Israeli movies and TV series about haredi society are extremely popular.

Tonight and the next upcoming three Thursdays, Jerusalem’s Cinematheque is showing the Israel movie STISSEL (or STEISEL) in four parts a 90 minutes.

The movie is about a father and son living in haredi Ge’ulah. Languages of the movie: Yiddish and Hebrew.

I am not sure yet whether the English spelling is STISSEL or STEISEL. There actually  is a small restaurant in Ge’ulah called STISSEL. The Hebrew Cinematheque spelling is STISSEL but in English they spell STEISEL. Whatever, I will let you know after watching the first movie part tonight.

I am always excited to see whether the makers of the movie got it right documenting haredi society.


2 thoughts on “Haredi Movie

  1. B”H

    Yes, thank you, I already found it on Youtube. They showed the first three parts at Jerusalem’s Cinematheque last night and the series is quite good. At least, better than most movies about Haredim I have seen so far.

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