Africans in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv: “Illegal Africans don’t care about Jewish holidays”

More than 40,000 illegal Africans live in the southern part of Tel Aviv. Mainly around the Central Bus Station and in the nearby neighbourhood Shechunat HaTikvah.
Prostitution, drugs, burglary, rape Diebstahl and murder. The Africans have turned the area into the deepest crime pit. It seems as Africa has sent us all of their criminals and our government is totally unable to deal with the problem. On the contrary, as the government hands of all responsibilities over to the local mayors of Tel Aviv, Lod, Eilat, Dimona or Arad. No one knows where to put thousands of illegals but, according to international law, it seems rather difficult deporting them. Countries like Sudan or Eritrea are on the UN list stating that these places torture their own people and deportation is only endangering their lives.
In the meantime, illegal Africans in Tel Aviv endanger Jewish lives and it hasn’t happen only once that Africans named Jews “Jewish Pig” in the middle of the road. Jews on their way to Synagogues in Tel Aviv – South were cursed. Moreover, the illegals keep on announcing that all Jews will be thrown out of the country and Israel has to become Africa. With NO white people left.
This Friday night, the highest Jewish holiday, YOM KIPPUR, is going to take place. A 25 hour fast day and even Tel Aviv will be quiet. No shops whatsoever (including the AM:PM closed) and you hardly see any car or people at the beach. Yom Kippur is still a “big thing” and those Tel Aviv Jews who do not fast stay at home. 
The Jewish population of Tel Aviv – South, however, is already worried about the peace of Yom Kippur, as the Africans don’t care about Israel but rather follow their own customs. Barbecue at the Levinsky Park across the Central Bus Station, drunks, Jews being threatened, and African music put on full volume. 
A report about the atmosphere in Tel Aviv – South a few days before Yom Kippur:

4 thoughts on “Tel Aviv: “Illegal Africans don’t care about Jewish holidays”

  1. B”H

    But you have to consider that the US is countless times larger than the tiny State of Israel and therefore, 50,000 illegal Africans are already too much for us. Moreover, most of them are Muslims and only want our money but not integrate. If they don’t get what they want, they steal it.

    The Africans have their own market where they sell stolen bikes and smartphones. The market is near the Tel Aviv Central Bus Station.

  2. I think the government should take a useful step regarding this. Africans are living there in very misrable conditions, and i don’t think that they can do anything except this. Government can make new houses for these people. 40000 is nothing for government i think.

  3. B”H

    Are you suggesting that the Israeli government should build new houses for 50,000 or more illegal Africans ? Are you out of your mind ?
    They are illegals and Israel has enough problems of it’s own. If the Africans feel uncomfortable – LEAVE !!!

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