Jerusalem Old City / Jerusalem Photos / Kotel (Western Wall) / Sukkot

Sukkot Impressions from the Old City of Jerusalem

Photo: Miriam Woelke

Part of the Old City Wall built by the Ottomans


Photo: Miriam Woelke

In the heart of the Jewish Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem. The pillars were built by the Romans and used to be part of a Roman shopping street leading from today’s Damascus Gate into the present Jewish Quarter. This shopping street was and is still called CARDO. 

Above we see the Zemach Zedek Synagogue of Chassidut Chabad – Lubavitch.

Photo: Miriam Woelke

A huge Sukkah (booth) next to the Hurva Synagogue

Photo: Miriam Woelke
Photo: Miriam Woelke
Photo: Miriam Woelke

A Sukkah on a balcony

Photo: Miriam Woelke
Photo: Miriam Woelke

View onto the Temple Mount. The wooden bridge serves as access for tourists and the Israeli army / police.

Photo: Miriam Woelke

The Kotel ( Western Wall) with the Dome of the Rock in the background

Photo: Miriam Woelke

On the other site we see the round grey roof of the Al Aksa Mosque as well as a minaret. 


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