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Part 1: “Who is Satan ?” – Rabbi Tuvia Singer gives the answer

A German Christian reader asked me a very typical question: Doesn’t the Book of Job (Sefer Iyov) shows us that Satan was an independent being ? According to Christians, G – d has no power over Satan and there is an ongoing struggle between G – d and Satan. In Judaism, however, we don’t consider Satan to be a being existing besides G – d. G – d created Satan in order to enable us of having Free Will. Without us having the choice between good and evil, we would never be able to achieve Olam HaBah (the World to Come). Satan is something negative G – d created but Satan totally depends on G – d and thus follows G – d’s commands. There is no other deity besides G – d Himself.
Rabbi Tuvia Singer provides detailed information on the Jewish view of Satan and the Christian misinterpretation
I am going to publish further parts on Satan. Sources from the Talmud, the Book of Job and the Malbim commentary and from the Rambam.
More on Rabbi Tuvia Singer:

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