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The “Berlin Campaign” as Seen from Berlin


Those Israelis joining the price protest movement don’t even speak any German. What they do is moving to Berlin out of protest but they don’t adjust to German society. Instead they only stay among Israelis and don’t make an effort to learn German. It is a shame that people only identify themselves through grocery prices.
Most Israelis moving to Germany wouldn’t make it to the US, Canada or Australia, as they have nothing to offer in order to qualify for a Green Card: No money. no education and no language skills. This is why they move to Europe, as Europe accepts everybody.

2 thoughts on “The “Berlin Campaign” as Seen from Berlin

  1. B”H

    The USA and Canada have strong regulations for people immigrating. One needs a certain amount of cash, professional qualifications, language skills, a job offer, etc. So, it is not easy to pack a suitcase and move to North America.

    Moving to Europe, on the other hand, is pretty easy. Europe is loaded with foreigners from all over the world and Germany is loaded with everybody. Mostly unskilled people.
    When you move to Europe, no one is asking you for a profession, language skills or sufficient cash. This is why every bum can just settle there.

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