Rocket War from Gaza / Terror

Palestinians continue rioting in Jerusalem

Photo: Miriam Woelke
Yesterday afternoon, shortly before Shabbat came in: Police in our neighbourhood.


First it was called the “Silent Intifada”. I have no idea why “silent” because this kind of Intifada has already began in June. And why “silent” when countless Jerusalem residents are confronted with stone and Molotov Cocktail throwing Arabs on a daily basis ? In particular those Jewish neighbourhoods which are located very close to Palestinian neighbourhoods such as the French Hill, Pisgat Ze’ev, various streets in Armon HaNatziv or us in Abu Tur.
I don’t know whether the international media is actually referring to the present Palestinian violence in Jerusalem. At least, I have hardly seen any reports in the German press. The international community only goes wild as soon as Israel strikes back. However, what happened beforehand, all those leftist liberal journalists won’t tell you.
Winter has arrived in Israel. Temperature is going down and yesterday and today, we mostly had heavy rain showers. The good news is that the water level of the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) rose. The bad news is that, as soon as the rain stops, the Arabs start rioting again. 
In my neighbourhood, we are so used to explosions. The Israeli media already calls this new Intifada the Intifada of firecrackers. No small firecracker with a little boom but big ones. When I heard them outside, they more remind me of hand grenades.
Young Palestinians throw big firecrackers or Molotov Cocktails, cops and border police soldiers come and try catching the rioters. It is like a seek and hide game. In the meantime, neighbours take out their dogs or take the trash to the garbage can. We hear explosions and the cops shooting tear gas bullets. And the worst is that we are so used to this kind of daily insanity.
Can you imagine living under such circumstances ? We are being confronted with Arab violence 24 hours a day. 
Last night, another rocket from Gaza hit Israeli territory:

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