Islam / Radical Islam / Temple Mount

Arab Disneyland on the Temple Mount (Har HaBayit)

Israel’s haredi LADAAT online news published photos showing the Islam “holiness” of the Temple Mount. As history teaches, Islam doesn’t have any connection to Jerusalem nor to the Temple Mount. Mohammad was never here and Jerusalem is not mentioned once in the entire Koran. Ruling over the Temple Mount is a political issue for Arabs, as they want to prevent any Jew from praying there.
I think the Arabs are more aware of the power of a Jewish prayer than many Jews are. A prayer on the Temple Mount, for instance, could bring Meshiach and then what ? How would other religions including Islam justify the lost of power and identity ?
Photo: Ladaat
The picture doesn’t show Jewish haredi kids but Arab children dressed up as ultra – Orthodox Jews and thus mocking them.
How Muslims desecrate the Temple Mount: All photos HERE !

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