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Satan, Yetzer HaRah & Bava Batra

And why doesn’t this blog continue as usual ? Because I am still sitting over Talmud Bava Batra 73 – 75 in order to compare Leviathan and the Yetzer Harah in order to make clear that the Christian concept of Satan has absolutely nothing in common with the Jewish understanding.
And as it always happens when studying Talmud, there are commentaries and commentaries on commentaries and other commentaries and plenty of references to other sources. I am going to write a few more articles on the topic and then I am really fed up with Satan ! 🙂
I think that many basic understandings of concepts are simply taken literally by Christianity whereas Judaism always points out that we have to interpret a lot of metaphorically expressions in the Torah, Prophets and in the Talmud. One cannot just sit down, read something and take everything literally. This person would be called foolish, as he totally misses the point !
The same in Talmud Bava Batra 73 – 75 where we learn about Rabbah bar bar Chana who lived in the third century C.E. His stories here are tales which have to be understood metaphorically because they are meant to teach us a moral lesson.

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