Jerusalem / Terror

Palestinian CAR TERROR against Jews

Source: Twitter
The above cartoon is making its round through the Palestinian social media and thus mocking the car terror against Jewish residents of Jerusalem.
When another car, digger or caterpillar hits a Jew and a Palestinian driver is going on a manhunt, the world classifies it as “Car Accident”. Does this mean that Arab terrorism is nothing else but an accident ? So, 9 / 11 was an accident ? Maybe for Hussein Obama but not for the victims or any rational thinking person.
Yesterday, two Palestinian terror attacks (sorry, “car accidents”) took place: The first one in Jerusalem where a known Hamas member started killing people at the tram station Shimon HaZaddik. Afterwards he went down the road to the Olive Tree Hotel where his car crashed. The terrorist got out of his car, took a metal pipe and started beating pedestrians. So far to the “car accident” !
Last night, another car attack took place in Gush Etzion. Right outside Jerusalem where a Palestinian car deliberately hit three Israeli soldiers. Another “car accident” !
We Jerusalem pedestrians cannot even walk the streets anymore. Even more so, as we have to pay attention when while standing at a bus stop or tram station. We have to be on alert all the time. When we cross the street, when we walk … Pay attention who the car drivers are and if there is a Palestinian, expect the worst. This is just ridiculous, as no other country in the world would deal with this kind of terrorism. Unfortunately we have a government with a weak prime minister who is unable to make decisions. The result is that we continue playing Russian Roulette outside. In Jerusalem, Stephen King could watch his Mr Mercedes live !
Photo: Israeli Police
The police now set up roadblocks around the tram stations in order to keep away Arab car terrorists.

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