Photo: Miriam Woelke
Sparky, the sick male cat living at my place for the time being. Later on, I have to take him to the vet again. His leg is still swollen but his condition is much better.
Maybe the vet can see today whether the cat has any spider or scorpion bites because this is what probably happened. In Israel there are plenty of little spiders which look harmless. But what they do is they can crawl into your bed or just bite you somewhere without you even noticing it. However, some animals or humans are allergic and the spot where the spider bit you is swelling. In addition to that, one gets a high fever and I have heard about people who were rushed to hospital because they were in life danger.
Those spiders are not everywhere but they can be in a garden in the middle of town. My guess is that they are mostly in the countryside. Just like snakes.

3 thoughts on “Sparky

  1. Good luck with the cat looks like you got a new buddy! Its nice to have something to come home too! Cat are OK ! I got one that took three hours to trap in the goat barn she is the best hunter i have seen her go in the river to geg a fuck for dinner.

    • @DAN

      I am sure you wrote too fast and didn’t re-check, but WHAT did you really mean with the last words : “… to geg a fuck for dinner” ?

  2. B”H

    Israel is full of street cats and sometimes the Municipality sends people out to catch and kill them. This is terrible and no one is taking care of the cat problem the entire country has.

    The same with dogs. There are many loose dogs in forests or parks. People just dump their pets when they are sick of them. Kittens, for instance are cute but once they grow up, people don’t want them anymore.

    Sparky is already eight months old and big. He has a good character and this is important. 🙂

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