ARGOS – A vet recommendation for Jerusalem

Photo: Miriam Woelke
Sparky stretched out on my bookshelf. He still has an intravenous in his paw although we don’t need it anymore. However, as I am going to get him neutered next week, the vet is still keeping it in Sparky’s arm.
When I took the feral cat Sparky to the vet on Friday and yesterday, everything had to happen really fast. I caught him and this alone was a nightmare because he escaped the first time. He jumped out of the bag where I had put him and ran into a garage where he was hiding under a car. I couldn’t get him out and was almost about to give up on him. His escape was my fault, as I had not closed the bag. His leg was so bad that I would have never expected him to jump and run. Well, I was wrong and learned my lesson !
It took me another day getting him out of that garage. It was a nightmare for him and for me because the people living in the building complex always kept the gate to the garage closed and I had to wait for the right moment. Last Friday morning I bribed Sparky with food, threw him into a bag and this was it. No further escape possible !
I live near Derech Hebron Street in Jerusalem and thus carried him all the way to the ARGOS vet clinic in Derech Hebron 66. I couldn’t have made a better decision and can only recommend ARGOS. If you are making Aliyah and are looking for a professional vet in Jerusalem, ARGOS is definitely a good choice.
A small cozy clinic where the doctors really care and explain you every step they take. If you bring in a feral cat they give you a discount up to 50 %. If you cannot catch a cat, you could call a professional Kitty Catcher but this would cost you at least 200 Shekels. I did this once for another street cat but the catcher failed and the cat escaped. I still had to pay him 100 Shekels. For nothing ! However, in case you are interested in calling a Kitty Catcher, I could give you a phone number but, don’t forget, he demands at least 200 Shekels cash.
As far as I saw, Argos does not have a website and they are only on Facebook:
They are located in Derech Hebron 66, right across Yanovsky Street (leading to the Jerusalem Promenade). An ordinary check costs 190 Shekels but, as I said, feral cats do receive a discount. The staff speaks English !!!
Why is Argos so great ? Its the way they deal with the animals and the vets are truly professional. The staff is nice and helpful and you can call them all the time in case of emergency. You do not necessarily an appointment but can just show up. If they are busy, so you just wait. 

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