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The Palestinian Terror the world doesn’t want to see

Palestinians cartoon encouraging others to run over Israelis
The world is fed up with the Middle East Conflict and so are we Israelis. The difference, however, is that in Israel, we cannot just ignore the deadly reality. Until recently, Palestinian terrorists mostly carried out their attacks through suicide bombers or a terrorist shot or stabbed. Now we cannot even go out into the street because a car may us run over or a Palestinian stabs or shoots us. Any moment and at any place. What we have to do is, as soon as we leave the house, we have to watch our surroundings. At every crossing and red traffic light, we have to pay attention whether all the cars really stop. 
These days Israelis are getting killed by Palestinians terrorist and the world hardly pays attention or the international media calls these attacks “accidents” or “traffic accidents”. If it was the other way around and one Israeli would drive his car into a Palestinian crowd, the world and especially Obama would freak out and call for further sanctions.
The Israeli journalist Ben – Dror Yemini writes in his book INDUSTRY OF LIES: In 2011, 115 Palestinians lost their lives through Israeli security forces. Almost all of these Palestinians were terrorist and either caught in the act or when they were on their way to carry out attacks against Israelis. 
In the same year, 4059 civilians were killed in Iraq and 3021 civilians were killed in Afghanistan. The international media hardly ever mentioned the death of those civilians but sticks to it’s obsession with Israel. It is like a mental illness: The world is obsessed with watching and condemning Israel. The truth and facts are being ignored. The whole world can go down, but everyone continues watching our tiny country. Ebola is not on top of the agenda but Israel.
The world supports Palestinian propaganda and the Palestinians themselves are asking for more terror attacks against Israelis. 
One of the greatest agitators against Israel is the BBC:


The two victims of yesterday’s Arab terror attacks:
Dalia Lemkos, 26 years old from Tekoah in Gush Etzion (near Kiryat Arba / Hebron).


img544958Here you can see how the Palestinian terrorist killed Dalia:
Later on, the Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for the attack:



The second terror victim is the soldier Almog Shiloni.







There are many voices among the Israeli population calling Netanyahu to resign. Our government is doing nothing against the present Arab terror. Police and army show up when there are riots but Netanyahu won’t allow them to take action. Instead, our Prime Minister is too afraid of Obama and Obama is supporting the Palestinians. What else can you expect from the Muslim Barry Sotero ?
For the time being, our government doesn’t protect us and any time each of us could become the next victim of Arab terror. One day we will be so fed up and just throw Bibi and his leftist coalition buddies out of the Knesset.

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