A brief SPARKY (Cat) Update

Photo: Miriam Woelke


The street cat Sparky I had taken to the vet has totally recovered from a spider bite. His leg is not swollen anymore and the fever is gone. Tomorrow morning, once again, I am going to take him to the vet and then he is getting neutered. However, Sparky wants to be outside and this morning he managed in sneaking through the door. A little later he came back. The goodies I give him seem to be far too tempting. 🙂
After he recovers from his operation, I will let him out on Friday or Shabbat. Then he can run around and decide whether he wants to be inside or outside. All his life (8 months) he has been an outdoor cat and it is understandable that he misses the outside world. 🙂 If he wants to be outside that’s fine with me. If he goes out and comes back, this is also fine with me. I have a 2 – room – apartment and don’t want to keep him locked up.
Whoever is planning to lose weight should get a pet. Preferable a dog, as you have to take him outside at certain times. A dog makes you move. 🙂 A cat, on the other hand, doesn’t but if you have a new cat which has to get used to a house, even the cat will make you move. Sparky is into everything and sometimes I have to go after him getting him out of mischief. 🙂
There are plenty of exercise videos on Youtube but you won’t find any video of a pet owner doing his pet exercises 🙂

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