Terror / Tiberias

Arab rioters killing 19 Jews at a Synagogue in Tiberias in 1938

Today’s Arab terrorist attack on a Synagogue in Har Nof / Jerusalem was not the first of its kind. Already in October 1938, Arabs (in those days they didn’t call themselves Palestinians but only Arabs) were storming into a Synagogue in Tiberias (at the Sea of Galilee – Kinneret). The Arab terrorists killed 19 Jews of whom 11 were children. 
When you go and visit the town’s cemetery today, you will find a separate section where all these victims are being buried. 
So what do all leftists and Israel haters who are constantly claiming that it is all Israel’s fault because of its settlement policy, have to say ? There was neither a State of Israel nor were there settlements in 1938. And what about the pogroms of in the Old City of Jerusalem and Hebron in 1929 ? Also carried out by Arab rioters. 
The real answer is that Jews are getting killed because they are Jews and not because they build a new house.

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