Jews in Arab Countries

Commemorating the expulsion of the Jews from Arab countries

The Knesset has designated November 30th by law as a day of commemoration of the expulsion of the Jews from Arab lands. The narratives of the departure of the Jews from Arab lands differ in detail by country , and from one family to another, but in the substance the stories are similar. Jews lived in the Arab lands for thousands of years, and many of their communities preceded the advent of Islam. The Jewish communities of Iraq had existed for more than 2,500 years and were a cultural center of Judaism where the Babylonian Talmud was written and compiled. This ancient community came under attack from the Iraqi government in the wake of the establishment of Israel, and was expelled, after being physically attacked with many fatalities, and their property and assets confiscated. In this film, Aharon Abudi, tells the story of his upbringing in Iraq, and the story of his family, through the Farhud pogrom and expulsion, their absorption in Israel and a life rebuilt from the ruins.

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