Details about yesterday’s Arab Terror Attack on a Har Nof Synagogue

It goes without saying that yesterday’s Palestinian terror attack at a Synagogue in Jerusalem’s haredi neighbourhood Har Nof is making big headlines. By the way, CNN apparently reported about a terror attack on a Jerusalem mosque which is definitely a false information or a lie. The terror attack was carried out by two Palestinians and took place at a Synagogue.
Here are a couple of links with all information: 
Yesterday’s terror attack:
The funerals of the four victims took place yesterday afternoon. Three of them had made Aliyah from the States and one was from England:
Right after the massacre at the Synagogue, further terror attacks were taking place:
Photos of the funerals:
A Palestinian video clip mocking Israelis and calling for more terror attacks:
Faces of Evil – The two Palestinian terrorists and their massacre
So, how is Israel going to respond ? The international media seems to be more interested in this question than in the massacre itself. If the massacre had taken place at a mosque, the whole world would be screaming and asking for sanctions. But who cares about four dead Jews killed by Palestinians ?
So far, Israel’s response is setting up more security in the capital. Police, army and private guards all over the place in order to protect Jerusalem’s residents. Anywhere and at any time more Palestinians may attack Jews. Not because of settlements or the Temple Mount but because they are Jews.

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