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Jerusalem Synagogues taking security precautions

I just received this from Jerusalem’s Great Synagogue:

In view of recent events we have expanded our security coverage with an additional guard and patrols of the entire premises. We will also be undergoing a major review of our security procedures to ensure the safety of our congregation.

The Great Synagogue is not the only one announcing security matters to their Kehila.

2 thoughts on “Jerusalem Synagogues taking security precautions

  1. B”H

    Unfortunately you are correct !!! The Great Synagogue doesn’t check who is entering it’s gate and weirdo Christian do exploit that.
    This, however, doesn’t only happen upstairs at the Great Synagogue Synagogue but also downstairs at Rabbi Goldberg’s Chabad Center. Full of Christians who come for the free Kiddush in order to stuff themselves like animals.

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