Chassidut Dushinsky / Chassidut Karlin - Stolin / Terror

Karlin – Stolin and Dushinsky won’t employ any more Arabs

Countless chassidic groups located in Jerusalem have been employing Arabs. The main reason is that they are cheap and not Jewish and thus are allowed to heat up food on Shabbat. Food needed for the Kiddush after the Shabbat service. Moreover, various Arab employees also clean the Synagogues and everything turns out to be very convenient for the employer.
Chassidut Toldot Aharon has its kitchen full of Arabs and a Mashgiach is watching. However, this may be changing due to yesterday’s terror attack on a Synagogue in Har Nof / Jerusalem. One of the two Palestinian terrorists was working at a small grocery store close to the Synagogue and I heard that the other terrorist was among the Synagogue’s cleaning staff. Please note that I don’t know for sure whether the second terrorists really was a member of the cleaning staff !
The Karlin – Stolin as well as the Dushinsky Rebbe have already announced that they will not employ any more Arabs but only accept Jews. More chassidic groups are due to follow suit. The Rebbes prefer to pay more for Jewish staff members but nobody wants to take the chance and suddenly find an Arab staff member with a hatchet in his hands and running after Jews.

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