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On the Hebrew letter Samech “ס”

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In his book “The Wisdom in the Hebrew Alphabet”, Rabbi Michael L. Munk provides a couple of interesting insides on the Hebrew letter SAMECH. As you can see on the above picture, the Samech consists of an empty circle.
We find the letter Samech in the word SAMACH, meaning TRUST. We trust (SOMECH) somebody or something.
Every letter of the Hebrew alphabet also has a numerical value and the Samech’s value is 60. 
Those of you who are less familiar with the Hebrew language or alphabet may get confused by very similar shape of the letter Samech and Mem Sofit (the letter Mem at the end of a word). Both look almost identical but there is a tiny little difference. 
According to kabbalistic literature the circle – like shape of the Samech stands for the whole world surrounded by G – d’s glory. Wherever we are, G – d is always protecting us when we trust in Him. He has neither a beginning nor an end. 
When we look into the kabbalistic Werk SEFER HA’TEMUNAH, we learn that the circle of the Samech metaphorically stands for Jerusalem. The circle serves as a wall protecting the holiness of the city.  Another opinion is that the Samech stands for the Jews in Galut (Diaspora) being protected by G – d.
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