Typical Israeli / Weather

Rainy, stormy and cold weather in Israel

Last night at about 9 pm, the predicted storm in connection with heavy rain showers hit Jerusalem. Despite all kinds of floods and dripping walls or ceilings, Jerusalem is still very lucky compared to the northern part of the country or the coastal region. It is still raining a lot but the rain is supposed so weaken this afternoon. Tomorrow will be another rainy day but not as bad as last night and today. Starting on Friday, temperature will be rising and next Tuesday, we will be back at 21 degrees Celsius.
When I say that, in Jerusalem we only have 9 degrees Celsius right now, Americans may laugh because they are used to really freezing temperatures. For Israelis, however, 9 degrees Celsius are already freezing cold, as they are not used to such drop in temperature. Israelis also don’t know how to drive a car through heavy rain showers. Let alone when there is snow.
As soon as it starts snowing in Jerusalem, all buses stop running and people don’t even go to work. Everyone just stays at home and takes a day off. How could one go to work when there is snow, as the Jerusalem Municipality only cleans the main roads but no one is cleaning sidewalks or all the other roads. This is so typical Israeli and it would never happen in Europe or the US where you go to work when there is snow and where people have to clean up sidewalks and streets.
Here is a Live Broadcast from Tel Aviv:


And here are some photos:



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