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Your are not interested, then G – d may be not interested

It could be that I have written about the subject before. However, the situation I am going to describe is pretty common and does concern all of us.
Lets say we are invited for Shabbat and someone is going to give a Drasha. I have experienced it many times that Yeshiva guys were teaching something from the Parasha. Especially Ba’alei Teshuva or Yeshiva students who are pretty new, are getting very excited when it comes to their first teaching. Torah commentaries they have learned in the cause of the week.
So, they are full of enthusiasm speaking about the Parasha but other guests sitting at the table are getting pretty bored because they have heard the same teaching over and over again. Then they either start talking to each other or doze off.
I don’t remember the particular place in the Talmud but it says the following:
A Jew not interested in G – d’s teaching or who refuses to listen to someone else’s teaching because he may be bored can find himself in a situation of being ignored by G – d.
G – d then says: “Okay, you are not interested in listening to my Torah or a student teaching, so I am not interested in your prayers. You say: Ah, I have heard this before and I don’t need to listen to this again. Then I (G – d) say while you are praying: Ah, I don’t need to listen to this, as I have heard this before !”
The Baal Shem Tov teaches that we can learn from everybody and, here, the Talmud teaches that we should never ignore anyone teaching Torah because G – d may ignore us.

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