Kabbalah / Rabbi Yitzchak Luria / Reincarnation (Gilgul)

Judaism on soul reincarnations in humans, animals, plants or stones


One of my readers was so kind forwarding me an interesting link about reincarnation where the author describes the Jewish point in an easy manner. As a matter of fact, Judaism does believe in reincarnation and the famous medieval Kabbalist, Rabbi Yitzchak Luria (the ARIZAL), teaches in length about reincarnations in humans, animals, plants and stones.
I am not too much into the subject and I am not busying myself with finding out whether I am reincarnated or not. Whether I have lived before and if so, under what circumstances and when. I am not interested, as I have enough to do dealing with my present life. 🙂
We should never forget that we live NOW and that we have a certain task in life. Why concentrate on previous lives and reincarnations ? Our task is here and now and it won’t help if someone knows for sure that he lived before. In the Middle Ages as a servant or whatever. Our task in life is in this world, at this time and not 500 or 1000 years ago.
There are plenty of people today claiming that they can tell you your exact reincarnation. It goes without saying that these people only do this for money. Before spending too much money on fakes, please take into account that until the times of the Ramchal (Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto, 1707 – 1746), various Rabbis may have had the ability to see a specific reincarnation in another Jew. The Baal Shem Tov apparently had the ability. However, later on until today, Kabbalists are not able to tell someone’s reincarnation. And definitely no self – appointed healers in Jerusalem’s Nachlaot neighbourhood or elsewhere.
For those of you who have lots family members or even animals (I just lost my cat), it does make it much easier thinking that a particular person or animal had a special task in this world and, as soon as the task was fulfilled, he had to go (die). Nothing in this world happens by accident but because G – d is ruling the world.

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