Book of Job (Iyov / Rabbi Avraham Yitzchak Kook

OROT HA’TESHUVA on Satan, Iyov and the Yetzer HaRah

Photo: Miriam Woelke


So far, three English volumes of Rabbi Avraham Yitzchak HaCohen Kook’s OROT HA’TESCHUVA (Song of Teshuva) have been released. The books also include a great commentary, as hardly anyone should study Rabbi Kook’s books without a commentary. 
I am quoting from the first volume where it, among others things, mentions Satan and the Jewish aspect of the YETZER HA’RAH (the evil inclination). As I wrote a couple of times before, Judaism doesn’t understand Satan as an independent entity fighting G – d. In Judaism, Satan is an angel or a messenger created by G – d. Satan or the Yetzer HaRah have the task to entice us to go against G – d’s will. Our world was created by G – d in an imperfect state and our task is to bring the world upon a higher level.
A quotation from the commentary on Rabbi Kook’s “Orot HaTeshuva – Song HaTeshuva, Volume 1:
The evil inclination is working for G – d. Satan only acts in the sake of Heaven. So, in Iyov (Book of Job), Satan must seek G – d’s permission to harm Iyov. Satan could not do so on his own.
There is no independent power of evil and there is no cosmic battle between good and evil. Darkness exists simply in order to be illuminated.
The evil inclination is not a dark being. Rather, the ultimate goal is to bring us to the highest level that we can reach. It is an angel, a messenger. Its ultimate purpose is to make us better people.

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