Jews in Arab Countries

Displaced Jews from Arab Countries

From time to time I write about the expulsion of Jews from Arab countries. Hundreds of thousands of Jews were thrown out of Arab countries when the State of Israel came into existence (1948). Until then, many Jews had been living in Arab countries for centuries. Just remember the First Temple destruction and that already in those days, Jews had settled in Babylonia. When the Prophet Ezra returned to Jerusalem, only a small amount of Jews was willing to return to Israel. The majority remained in the Diaspora because these Jews didn’t see a reason to return to a destroyed country. The Jews remaining were too comfortable and preferred living in the Diaspora. This is one of the reasons why the Second Temple never reached the holiness of the First Temple.
Since then, Jews have always lived in today’s Yemen, Iran, Syria or Iraq. The same with northern African countries including Egypt. This all changed after the State of Israel came into existence. Today, hardly anyone speaks about the massive expulsion of the Jews from Arab countries because it doesn’t fit into the present political correctness. 


Quelle: Justice for Jews


The majority of Jews finding themselves thrown out of Arab countries moved to Israel or to the US. This is why we find large Sephardi communities in Jerusalem or elsewhere. Israel’s capital is dominated by Sephardi Jewry whereas Tel Aviv is knows as the “capital” of Ashkenazi Jews. 
There are still small Jewish communities in Iran and even in Yemen, but those Jews keep quiet because they live in fear.
Detailed information on the subject:

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