Chanukkah / Chassidut Gur / Diaspora / Peshis'cha

The Peshis’cha Rebbe and the Imrei Emet on Chanukkah

Photo: Miriam Woelke


The Imrei Emet quoting the famous Rebbe of Peshis’cha:
The Jewish holidays of Chanukkah and Purim strengthen the Jews living in the Diaspora. These two holidays are good days in your Diaspora routine and remind you of your heritage. Jews feel very close to those days.
Although Chanukkah didn’t take place abroad as Purim did, it still has the power to strengthen the Jews all over the world. It was a time when the Jews won the war over anti – Semitism and those who wanted to destroy Judaism. Not necessarily Jewish bodies but Jewish souls.
In the end, the Jews stood up and fought idol – worship and the desecration of the Temple. After the Greeks, the Romans tried destroying Judaism and, later on until today, Christianity is walking in ancient Greek and Roman footsteps.

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