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Knesset Elections 2015: “Who I may be forced to vote”

Photo: Kikar HaShabbat
Tonight, the Jewish world is going to light the first Chanukkah candle and this is more important to me than all the Israeli election chaos. The Knesset dissolved itself and, lets be honest, we all knew that a coalition between Netanyahu and the self – loving Ya’ir Lapid wouldn’t last very long. Netanyahu didn’t want Lapid to begin with and the fired Finance Minister was only accepted into the coalition, as he had a pact with Naftali Bennett. Yes, a so – called national religious Bennett is best buddy of Judaism hater and extreme leftist Ya’ir Lapid. The former spiritual Mavdal leader, Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu, is probably turning around in his grave.
Bennett’s party Bayit Yehudi (Jewish Home) is already called Bayit HaGoim, as it receives plenty of Dollar donations from Evangelical US missionaries. In addition to that, Bennett has become too friendly with the Arab world and I don’t understand how any religious Jew could vote for him. Or have all the national religious converted or sold out to Christian missionaries ? The national religious who see themselves as so holy but, at the same time, hate the guts out of Haredim. Well, it looks as if Christian money attracts them much more !
So, who would I vote for ? In Bibi I don’t trust. Bennett and his Christians I definitely don’t trust and Bayit Yehudi has just become a disgrace for a Jewish state. I am not a leftist either.
In all the previous years I used to vote for Aryeh Eldad who is not corrupt and only interested in power. However, this time he doesn’t seem to run for Knesset. In the meantime, every Knesset member who doesn’t get along with the leadership of his party splits off and founds his own little party whereas leftist Zipi Livni is just switching from one party to the next. She has no chance of getting re -elected and thus she now joined the Labour Party.
All parties have made agreements but Ya’ir Lapid is only interested in Ya’ir Lapid. Thus, he is left out and due to lose many seats as people are fed up with him. The latest split off is Eli Yishai from SHASS. In the past, he never ever got along with his opponent Aryeh Deri and now Yishai founded his own party called MARAN (the official rabbinic title of Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef z”l). As long as Rabbi Yosef was alive, he knew how to deal with Deri and Yishai but since he passed away, there has been only chaos in Shass.
I could vote for Otzma le’Israel. A small right – wing party run by Michael Ben – Ari and Baruch Marzel. Aryeh Eldad was part of Otzma until about a year ago and I voted for them in the last elections. However, I read that Otzma le’Israel is now looking for larger parties in order to sign an agreement. Otherwise the party would, once again, fail and not make it into the Knesset.
I don’t see myself voting for Otzma this time because I don’t like this Ben Gvir guy who is also on their list. What I am planning to do instead is voting for Gimmel: The Ashkenazi haredi Knesset party Yahadut HaTorah. Not because they are so great and because I love Gur. The reason is that Yahadut Hatorah is neiter selling out to Obama nor to missionary Christians. Likud and Bayit Yehudi, on the other hand, have sold out to Christians a long time ago.

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