Chanukkah / Jerusalem

Tonight is Chanukkah

The Jewish world is going to light it’s first Chanukkah candle tonight. And the good news for Jerusalem is that, at least until this Friday, the weather will be nice and relatively warm. I am mentioning this because before I go home in order to light my Chanukkiah, I love walking around downtown and taking pictures.
Chanukkah in Jerusalem also includes a cozy atmosphere. At least when you walk through Nachlaot or various haredi neighbourhoods. Chabad set up public Chanukkiyot all over town. Rabbi Israel Goldberg from Chabad Rehavia wants to present an Ice Chanukkiyah and I am going to have a look how this is working out. 🙂
Besides further information on Chanukkah and maybe some chassidic stories, I am planning to go out to a couple of places and just take pictures or make videos. Afterwards I am putting everything onto the blog and hopefully you will get a great impression on what is going on in Jerusalem during Chanukkah. 🙂
Chanukkah Sameach – Happy Chanukkah !

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