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Chabad Chassidim lighting Chanukkah candles at Cafe Aroma in Emek Refa’im / Jerusalem

Again I haven’t finished writing something on this week’s Parasha MIKEITZ. However, I will put something into the blog, either tomorrow after Shabbat ends or on Sunday.
In Jerusalem, today Shabbat is coming in at 4.03 pm and it ends tomorrow (late afternoon) at 5.19 pm.
Last night, me and a friend of mine were sitting at Cafe Aroma in Emek Refa’im Street / Jerusalem, as, all of the sudden, the door swung open and a couple of Chabad Chassidim were marching in. Cafe Aroma does have a Mehadrin Hechsher from the Rabbanut but it is still not a place where young Chabadniks would hang out. In terms of Kashrut, as Chassidut Chabad is following very strict Kashrut rules. 
Everyone knew what the Chabadnikim were up to: A public lighting of the third Chanukkah candle. Well, the Aroma guests liked the ceremony and happily participated. Here is a photo of the Aroma Chanukkiyah as well as a video. Enjoy !


Photo: Miriam Woelke

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