Christian Missionaries / Edah HaCharedit

Edah HaCharedit banning Jerusalem’s International Convention Center “Binyane’i HaUma”

Last week’s edition of Jerusalem’s local paper “Yediot Yerushalayim” reported that the Edah HaCharedit renewed it’s ban (Cherem) against the International Convention Center “Binyane’i HaUma”. The reason is very simple and I totally agree:
Every year during Sukkot, Binyane’i HaUma is hosting thousands of Christian missionaries who are coming to Jerusalem from all over the world. They come for the Jerusalem Parade taking place on Sukkot. The event is organized by the International Christian Embassy, a well – known Christian missionary institution.
While the missionaries are holding their big meeting at Binyane’i HaUma, they usually discuss how they get the Jews into idol – worship Christianity. Or lets call the event what it is: An evil missionary event in order to extinguish Judaism.
I am only going to the Binyane’i HaUma every two years. When the International Book Fair is taking place. Many of different haredi movements, whether Ashkenazi or Sephardi, use the Binyane’i HaUma for various events. Whether for concerts or general gatherings. I cannot say who is following the Cherem and who is not but one thing for sure: The Edah and it’s members won’t use the Convention Center and I actually have my doubts if they ever were.

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