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Haredim in Hightech

Photo: Be’Chadrei HaCharedim
It is nothing new that Haredim are part of the hightech workforce in Israel. Many people always claim that Haredim don’t work and only receive money from the Israeli government. This is widespread misconception but still used by left – wing parties as well as national religious Jews or other Jews hating haredi society. 
First of all, there are plenty of Haredim who do not accept any financial support from the Israeli government, as these groups are anti – Zionist.
Secondly, for many years Haredim have been working in many fields. They are shopkeepers, security guards, doctors, lawyers, they sweep streets or they work in hightech. Jerusalem and Beit Shemesh are full of haredi hightech employees. 
More than ten years ago, I used to work for two haredi companies. I was allowed to wear what I want but at the job interview, they didn’t only asked for the right qualification but also for my way of thinking. As in every company, a new employee has to fit in and because I studied at a haredi Yeshiva and was part of society, it didn’t take me long to fit in. 
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