Outreach / Terror

Jeff Seidel attacked by Arabs

Many of us know Jeff Seidel, the director of his Jewish Student Information Center located in the middle of the Jewish Quarter in Jerusalem. Now his car got stoned by Arab youths on the Mount of Olives while he wanted to attend a funeral. When I look at the pictures on Arutz 7 I can only say that Jeff is lucky to have survived the attack.
It is true that the Jerusalem police is slow and rather arrests Jews who are standing up against Arab terror. Arab terrorists, on the other hand, seem to get away with anything and are being released after two hours. However, I cannot make the same statement about the Border Police MAGAV. These guys are taking much more action than any police officer. At least in my neighbourhood because we always have to face Arab terror in our streets. If not stones or Molotov Cocktails, then we are being called “Jewish Pig”.
The Mount of Olives is famous for Arabs attacking Jews. Right above the Jewish cemetery is an Arab village and no Jew should ever go there. Before Jeff, even various chassidic Rebbes were attacked when their car passed by in order to reach the Jewish cemetery. But not only stones are flying: Almost on a daily basis, the Jewish cemetery is being desecrated.

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