Jews in Arab Countries

Jews in Arab countries: “The forgotten Refugees”

Before the State of Israel was founded in 1948, more than 100,000 Jews were living in Arab countries such as Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Morocco, Tunesia, Egypt, Algerien or Libya. Right after the official foundation of the State of Israel, Arab countries went wild and started pogroms against their Jewish population. Not only that but these Arab countries told the Jews to leave immediately. Many were forced to leave without getting the opportunity to sell property and businesses. The Jews were only allowed to take what fits into a suitcase and everything else was confiscated. 
But pogromes against Jews carried out by Arabs didn’t only start after the State of Israel came into existence. To give you only one brief example: In 1907, the entire Jewish Quarter of Casablanca was destroyed by an Arab mob.
In 1929, the Arab population carried out pogroms in Hebron as well as in the Old City of Jerusalem. I could continue and list endless pogroms in various Arab countries as well as the amount of victims. However, I discovered the following documentary on Youtube and watching it provides you deeper insides into what the world doesn’t want to hear today: 



More details here:

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