Christian Missionaries

Kay Wilson and Kristine Luken – Two Christian Missionaries in Israel

Two blog readers sent me a link leading to Jewish Israel at the same time last Friday. Exactly four years ago, the two Christian missionaries Kristine Luken and Kay Wilson were attacked by Arab terrorists in Israel. Kay Wilson survived but Kristine Luken died due to her severe injuries.
It is always a tragedy when people are being slaughtered. However, there are blogs still referring to these two women without mentioning the fact that the two didn’t come to Israel because they love Jews and want to help. Mrs Luken and Mrs Wilson came here in order to spread idol – worship Christianity and get Jews to believe into the false Messiah J. Or in other words: The two women’s goal was destroying Jewish souls.
Whoever is referring to these two victims of Arab terror should also mention the fact that they are Christian missionaries who themselves tried to attack Jews.
Here is an interesting article from Jewish Israel:

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