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Should Chabad be proud of a giant Menorah at Brandenburg Gate / Germany ?

Esser Agaroth brings up an interesting article on the Berlin Chabad Shaliach setting up a giant Menorah at Brandenburg Gate:
I have to say that I totally agree with Esser Agaroth’s opinion but I still have to add something:
First of all, Germany’s Jewish communities keep on growing due to a vast amount of Russians who prefer moving to Germany or the US instead of Israel. In Israel we have the problem that, of all the Russians who came, only a small amount of 25 % or even less, is halachically Jewish. As a matter of fact, German Jewish communities are being confronted with the same problem: Who is really Jewish among the Russian “Jews” ?
Another reason for the growth of Jewish communities is that relatively high amount of Reform converts. Being Reform is easier and something easy suits those Germans willing to convert to (Reform) Judaism who still feel guilty about the Holocaust. There is a typical German behaviour: By joining the Jewish people (although they don’t join anything when they convert Reform), these people feel like they are freed from any guilt.
Unfortunately, many or almost all Orthodox Rabbis working in Germany are associated with Christians. Not that they take money or anything but almost every Orthodox Rabbi is holding lectures for Christians. The churches invite them and the Rabbis show up and speak about subjects like “The Jewish Yoshke”.
Orthodox Rabbis in Germany feel like they have to keep up friendly relationships with Christian communities. There are times when even Chabad Shlichim are involved in this kind of “business”. Living in Israel, this is not the way I know Chabad and I am sure that the majority of Chabad Rabbis are very much condemning this kind of behaviour.
I cannot say whether this is taking place all over Europe but in Germany, many Orthodox Rabbis incl. Chabad Shlichim, can be found lecturing Christians.

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