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500,000 Israelis work for temp agencies

Unfortunately, most of you won’t be able to understand the following Israel TV report. The documentary is in Hebrew only !
At least 500,000 Israelis, every seventh Israeli, are temp agencies employees. Exploited just like all over the world. Working for a temp agency means being a slave of the 21 century. The ridiculous fact is that most Israeli temp agency workers are employed by the Israeli government. No matter of left – wing or right – wing, every Israeli government continues only hiring new employees through temp agencies. The reason are the costs. Those who are directly employed by governmental institutions and ministries receive a high salary and enjoy all kinds of special conditions. And, as everybody knows, people from temp agencies are cheaper and they can be fired or exchange any time.
Most Israeli temp agency employees either work in the cleaning or security field. However, there are also high tech people as well as nurses and teachers working through temp agencies. It says in the documentary that almost half of today’s well – educated social workers only find a job through a temp agency. There are even worse expectations for the future and one day, maybe the entire Israeli work force will be working for a temp agency.
The documentary introduces us a social worker, a cleaning lady (originally from France), a high tech employee as well as a teacher. One guy mentions that his company has special restrooms for temp agency workers who are not allowed to use the regular toilet facilities. The same with the company’s cafeteria where only the employees of the company are able to buy lunch. Temp agency people are excluded.
In the end, Adi, the social worker, finds a steady job and she is more than happy. The same with the teacher. Rivak, the cleaning lady, continues her fight for social rights and, in the meantime, still works in cleaning.



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