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No WhatsApp in Belz

The Belzer Rebbe allowed kosher Smartphones but now the Chassidim received an SMS stating that WhatsApp is prohibited.
See Ladaat:
Apparently some Chassidim didn’t use WhatsApp in a kosher way despite the kosher smartphone.
I am not Belz and my smartphone is not necessarily kosher although I am not looking at porn sites. What I use is Twitter, the regular SMS phone service and sometimes Google +. What I don’t need is WhatsApp or Facebook and I cannot say that I miss out on anything.

2 thoughts on “No WhatsApp in Belz

  1. B’H Miriam

    What is a kosher phone? To the best of my knowlage we don’t have such a thing out in the far west. How do they make a kosher phone it seems to be a machine.


  2. B”H

    Hi Daniel,

    A kosher phone is connected to a certain provider. You buy a smartphone and make a contract with a special company. In Israel this is 057.

    What happens is that there is a firewall on your phone and you cannot receive SMS with porn messages or connect to all websites. As soon as you put in a certain word and try to connect, the provider will be blocking you.

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