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Frum Jews celebrating Sylvester / New Year’s Eve ?

Source: Be’Chadrei HaCharedim
The poster is from a haredi forum saying:


Before you celebrate Sylvester / New Year’s Eve

Sylvester was a Christian pope who killed thousands of Jews.

On this day, Christians went out to celebrate the pogroms against the Jews and those Jews who were still around were killed too.

They burnt our ancestors with boiling hot oil. In addition other kinds of torture are listed on the poster.

If the day was called Hitler instead of Sylvester, would you still celebrate it ?


2 thoughts on “Frum Jews celebrating Sylvester / New Year’s Eve ?

  1. B”H

    I had no idea of that (pope, etc…), but a fact is that I only ever heard the name SYLVESTER in reference to NYE in Germany (maybe Austria too). In English/Spanish/Portuguese speaking countries, this name is not used at all.

  2. B”H

    That’s true. In English you don’t use the word SYLVESTER but NEW YEAR’S EVE. When I used Sylvester in front of my American or Canadian friends, they didn’t even know what I was talking about. 🙂

    However, in Israel we also use the word Sylvester !

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