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Jerusalem preparing for Snow

Thick dark clouds are hanging over Jerusalem and the weather forecast predicts heavy rain showers. This sounds great because we need a lot of water but, for the past few years, rain showers in Jerusalem have become more and more destructive. Until a few years ago, there was rain in a “normal” sense and snow maybe once in four or five years. Now Jerusalem is facing snow almost every year. In addition to that massive destructive storms and rain showers.
The same is expected this week and Jerusalem is preparing for another storm. The worst fear is failing electricity and that we sit in the cold. Most houses in Israel don’t have proper central heating but only electric heaters. In a country where the summer is very hot and winters have been not too cold, central heating seemed to be a waste of money. However, this should change because winters are getting really freezing on a regular basis.
I am not too worried about myself but I do feel sorry for all the feral cats and dogs outside. I set up two tents for the cat family living in our garden. Last week I took the two kittens (Fritzi and Jerry) inside. A least overnight due to the freezing temperatures outside. However, I had to put Fritzi out again, as she was constantly bullying her little brother. She bit him into the head and didn’t even let him use the litter box. So, I am remaining with Jerry who is fine and doesn’t make a mess at all. The rest of the family is outside and I do feel guilty. Nevertheless, I cannot rescue the whole world. This is all I keep on telling my conscience.
Today isolated rain showers, tomorrow and Tuesday dry but freezing cold. The worst is supposed to come on Wednesday and Thursday: Temperatures around 0 degrees Celsius, stormy weather and supposedly snowfall. As soon as it starts snowing in Jerusalem, buses will stop running. This is typical Israeli ! When there is snow in Jerusalem, people don’t go to work, shops are closed and no buses are running. You won’t even find a bus traveling from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. The whole town is dead and everyone is staying inside.
I grew up in Germany where we had lots of snow. No one would have ever thought of staying and home and not going to work. When I came to Israel and saw how Jerusalem residents behaved when there was snow, I couldn’t believe it ! However, this is the way here and no one wants to change it. Only the main roads are being cleaned whereas smaller streets remain full of snow. People don’t even clean the sidewalks in front of their homes. If someone is slipping and breaking his leg, no one seems to be responsible. 
The English version of the Jerusalem Municipality website provides very little information and for more details in English click here:



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