Israeli weather update

Photo: The Marker
Before the snowstorm: Jerusalem residents storming a Rami Levi supermarket in Talpiyot. People bought like crazy because snow in Jerusalem means “everything will be shut down”. 
Last night a massive storm hit Jerusalem. It is blowing like hell outside and people who don’t need to go out stay at home. This morning, I was only breathing dust but, in the meantime, the air is clean, as a few raindrops came down. Today the snowstorm is due to arrive in Jerusalem and cover the capital with more than 15 cm in snow. 
In Jerusalem, Zfat as well as Gush Etzion (Hebron, Kiryat Arbah), the kids neither go to school or kindergarden today. For safety reasons, no lessons are taking place today and probably for the rest of the week. Police are considering to close off all roads leading to Jerusalem by 10 am.
Zfat, the northern part or the country, including the Golan Heights, are already covered with snow. Tel Aviv is expecting floods and there were already electricity breaks in Petach Tikwah and Pardes Chana due to uprooted trees. 
I spoke to my brother on the phone last night. He lives in Germany and asked me whether in Israel we live like 100 years ago because there is such a fuss about a snowstorm. What everything is shut down and people stay at home ?
Many Israelis ask the same question: “How can it be that the whole world is able to deal with storms and snow and only in Israel is chaos ?”
One of the reasons may be that, most of the year, weather is great and very hot. We do have winter but usually pretty normal. Rain and, yes, it can be very cold in Jerusalem. But in recent years, destructive snowstorms started hitting the country. The Zfat and Jerusalem municipalities announced that we are all prepared and hopefully the electricity will work. On the other hand, landlords are not interested in investing in central heating or insulated windows. The only thing we do is let the freezing cold weather past as fast as possible. And if necessary, we wrap ourselves in blankets and put on candles. That’s the situation here. Everything is built cheap. Cheap construction material and non – professional but cheap workers.
At the moment: Sleet going down over Jerusalem together with a massive storm !


Photo: Walla
Snow in Ramat HaGolan



Photo: Walla
Fallen advertising poll Netanya
More photos HERE !

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