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Is Jerusalemer covered with snow ?

Those of you now waiting for nice pictures showing Jerusalem covered with snow will be disappointed. There are no pictures because there was hardly any snow. As a matter of fact, most residents have to return to their workplaces today and the kids start school at 10.00 am. It is raining in town causing the rest of the snow to disappear.
So, why all that fuss before the snowstorm ? The storm itself was definitely dangerous but it is gone now. The snow didn’t really want to show up in the capital and what we were mostly facing was sleet and hail. It snowed in the late afternoon but also stopped very fast.
It will be freezing cold until Sunday but, starting next Monday, temperatures will rise to 13 degrees Celsius. Jerusalem is thus finding it’s way back to normal and no one talks about snow anymore. Much more important is the terrible massacre in Paris showing once again, that European governments totally underestimate radical Islam.
Despite our way back to the daily routine, the electric company (Chevrat HaChashmal) failed once more. Approximately 15,000 Israelis were left without power due to the storm. Nothing was under control and someone wrote in a forum:
If Israel is already freaking out because of a snowstorm, then how about another war with Hamas or Hizbollah ? The Hamas should learn from this that Israel is vulnerable as soon as there is snowfall. So, instead of shooting rockets, start throwing snowballs and the whole country is going crazy. 🙂
The cat family in our garden made it ! I had already expected the worst before opening the door this morning. Although I had set up a tent with blankets and insulation, I wasn’t sure whether the cats would survive the cold. Well, they did and were greedily awaiting their breakfast.

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