Happy with what you have

There is no lack of statements regarding healthy nutrition and sportive activities. The Internet, in particular Youtube, is flooded with good advice. Nevertheless, a healthy body doesn’t necessarily stand for a healthy spirit. It is not only the body longing for a health but also our souls. And what does it help having lots of muscles when you are emotionally down and depressed ?
The Talmud Tractate Berachot 54a teaches that we should thank G – d for all the positive things in our lives as well as for all the negative things happening to us. Both teach us that only G – d is in charge of everything and not us. As soon as we experience something positive, we usually don’t think about G – d but when when we are faced with a negative event, we ask G – d why and suddenly remember Him. We are desperate for help. 
You can make you life much easier when you are happy with your share in this world. When you are happy with what you have and don’t keep on looking at others. Many people make their lives miserable when they just envy their neighbours but totally forget about appreciating what they have. This, however, doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t strive for more. Some people dream of having a career and others desire a new smartphone. And there are some who have more modest dreams such as a new washing machine. Each of us has a different goal in life but it is important to concentrate on our lives without envying others. Other people may have more money or seem to be lucky but this doesn’t automatically mean that they are leading a happier life than we do.
Personally, I find it very important that we are happy with what we have. Too many times we forget about appreciating small things. Instead of making small steps towards our goal, we want everything right now. Jealousy won’t lead us anywhere and we are just wasting our time.

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