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Netanyahu is asking French Jewry to make Aliyah

Netanyahu would like to see all French Jews moving to Israel because our country is a safe haven for all Jews. The only one speaking against a mass Aliyah from France is leftist Zipi Livni. She only wants new immigrants (Olim Chadashim) who follow a Zionist ideology and don’t come to Israel because they might be in danger. The true reason for Livni’s statement is that French immigrants won’t vote her but, at least, Netanyahu. French Jews are sick of leftist talks, as they found themselves exposed to Islamic terror on a daily basis. In the middle of the streets of Paris or elsewhere.
Many French Jews came on Aliyah in the past decade. Towns such as Ashdod or Netanya have a lot of French Jews. They learn Hebrew quite fast. They don’t have another choice because many French don’t know English and this makes it hard to communicate. So, they learn Hebrew much faster and more intense than, for instance, Jews from English speaking countries. French Jews also adjust very well into Israeli society. Quite a few are either religious or traditional.
Europe doesn’t offer any safety for Jews anymore. The Europeans are too busy protecting themselves and, in the case of Germany, downplaying the danger of Islamic terror. Governments give in but, at the same moment, condemn Jews and Israel.
If the Jews leave Europe in masses, who are the Europeans going to blame ? Maybe they feel more comfortable with thousands of radical Muslims putting a knife on their throats.

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