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The year the Arabs discovered Palestine

“Palestine” – we find the origin of this word 2000 years ago. The Romans who then occupied Israel invented the name “Palestine”. How can it be that today’s Palestinians are using this name for themselves ? If the word is of Roman and, later on, also Christian origin ?
Daniel Pipes published a terrific article on the historical idea of the foundation of a Palestinian state. The idea is actually not very old. Thus the question comes up why the Arabs who occupied Palestine / Israel for hundreds of years throughout the Middle Ages failed to found their own state ? Why was there no Palestinian state in the Middle Ages when hardly any Jews were living in Israel ?
Fact is that the so – called Palestinians never had their own state. There never was an Arab Palestine but a Roman Palestine. Until the foundation of the State of Israel, Israel was called Palestine. Then, even Jews were called Palestinians because they lived in British occupied Palestine. 
The year the Arabs discovered Palestine (Long Version)
The year the Arabs discovered Palestine (Short Version)

3 thoughts on “The year the Arabs discovered Palestine

  1. umm the concept of modern statehood is commonly viewed as beginning in 1648 in Europe with the Treaty of Westphalia. There were no states in the Middle East really until after the First World War. Your piece lacks historical context.

  2. B”H

    It is not my “piece” and I don’t think it lacks any content.

    There are Palestinians here claiming that their ancestors have been living here for 500 years or longer. And when you look at further claims: There has always been a Palestinian people which is, according to the article I linked to, not true at all.

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