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Thoughts on Creation


Photo: Miriam Woelke

A very famous concept in Judaism is YESH Mi AYIN = Out of Nothing. Meaning that G – d created the universe out of nothing. With no pre – existing material whatsoever. When we humans want to build or create something we always need material such as wood, stone, plastic, etc.
It was G – d alone creating the entire universe out of nothing. No other forces were involved. However, lets be honest: Who is really able to grasp this kind of pre – existing nothingness ? An empty void where only G – d existed. I don’t think we humans are capable of imagining nothingness. What we usually think is something DARK and EMPTY but I doubt whether this is what our Sages meant.
Many people are even facing difficulties accepting G – d as a sole Creator. Not that someone else was involved in the Creation process but wait a minute: “Am I not earning money and create my own food, my own career and anything I need in life ?”
G – d constantly sustains His Creation and if He didn’t we would cease to exist. Through Him keeping His Creation alive, we are able to stay alive. However, it is Him providing us with the power to do something. It is Him giving each of us the strength to work and earn money. To walk, to sit, to have a body or the ability to think.
Today we humans are so much into ourselves that we ignore the fact that without G – d, everything would return to nothingness. Well, this sounds a bit depressive but think about it: We wake up one morning and find out that G – d took off and abandoned His Creation. The truth is that we wouldn’t make it for too long because everything is turning into chaos.

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