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Planets are more intelligent than us

Photo: Nasa


The Rambam (Maimonides, 1135 – 1204) writes in his Mishna Torah – Hilchot Yesode’i HaTorah 3:9
All stars and spheres possess a soul (Ba’alei Nefesh), knowledge and intellect. They are alive in recognition of the One who spoke and thus brought the world into being.
According to the Rambam, the sun and the moon have a soul and I read a commentary on this Pasuk in the Mishna Torah stating that sun and moon are more intelligent than us.
How can this be ?
Because they know G – d, as they were directly created by Him. We, on the other hand, had never such a close relationship. Only Adam HaRishon was directly created by G – d. Thus the sun and the moon and further planets from the time of creation know much more than we do.

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