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This morning, I took my cat Jerry to the vet in order to get neutered. I know that this isn’t necessarily a topic for Parashat Beshalach but, as far as I know, the ancient Egyptians were the first ones domesticating cats. 🙂
Nevertheless, this Shabbat starts tomorrow evening at 4.36 pm. Havdalah is at 5.50 pm and Rabbeinu Tam is at 6.24 pm. The times given apply to Jerusalem !
Parashat Beshalach includes only ONE Mitzvah: “The Prohibition to go beyond the Techum (boundary) on Shabbat”.
As a matter of fact, I am preparing an article on this Mitzvah and hope that I am either going to publish it today or tomorrow. Furthermore, I am writing on the third and last part of the mini series on the conversion to Judaism of minors and fetuses.
If you are in Jerusalem this Shabbat: The weather will be nice and relatively warm ! In comparison to New York. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Shabbat BESHALACH

  1. The Republican party is sending a bunch of republican members to vist Israel next Sat. The whole trip is funded by the American family association! They belive Jews should not be able to vote and have rights in America. In a nut shell they are Jew haters. I think Hararetz wrote a story about these people. They are not friends!

  2. B”H

    There are all kinds of groups coming at the moment. Also plenty of Obama groups, as Obama wants to influence the Israeli elections this March. However, Obama has no clue about Israelis whatsoever.

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