Adoption in Judaism / Conversion (Giur) / Rabbi Yitzchak Breitowitz

Conversion to Judaism: Minors and Fetus, Part 3

Please find the first two part on this series here:
Part 1
Part 2
In the first two parts I was mostly referring to minors but this third and last part will be about the conversion of fetuses.
In his Shiur, Rabbi Yitzchak Breitowitz made it very clear that most Orthodox Rabbis prefer not to convert a pregnant non – Jewish woman. First she has to give birth and then her and the baby will be converted separately.
No matter if a non – Jewish woman is pregnant from a Gentile or a Jew, the child will be a Gentile.
There are different opinions on a conversion of a pregnant non – Jewish woman. Meaning that there are Orthodox Rabbis who consider the fetus to be a separate entity and there are those Rabbis saying that the fetus is part of the mother, as she provides his nutrition and thus life.
Those Rabbis stating that a fetus is a separate entity see the Mikveh of the mother as invalid for the fetus because the fetus is like in a box (Chazizah).
The question is whether the fetus is a born Jew when his mother converted shortly before he was born ?
Whereas a baby from Jewish parents is a born Jew, the fetus of a pregnant converted formerly non – Jewish woman will be only Jewish after his Brit or her baby naming. This, however, only applies to the opinion of being a “separate entity”.
Rabbis considering a non – Jewish pregnant female convert and her fetus not as a separate entity, the baby will be born Jewish.
When is comes to egg donation and fertility treatment, the whole issue of fetuses is becoming extremely important. If the egg donor is a Gentile woman, for instance.

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