Chassidut Toldot Aharon / Edah HaCharedit / Knesset

Shmuel Chaim Pappenheim supporting Ya’ir Lapid’s election campaign

Shmuel Chaim Pappenheim from the Edah HaCharedit and member of Chassidut Toldot Aharon appears in an election clip of the haredi hating Knesset party Yesh Atid (run by haredi and Judaism hater Ya’ir Lapid).
In the election clip, Shmuel Pappenheim is telling Haredim to join the workforce. Furthermore, he states that their are Haredim at the age of 45 who are totally illiterate.
It is not about going to work but that Shmuel Pappenheim is publically supporting Judaism hater Ya’ir Lapid is a real scandal. I know that Pappenheim had problems with his own employer, the Edah HaCharedit but now he is even participating in a “Zionist” election campaign although Toldot Aharon never participates in any elections whatsoever. I would love to know what Rebbe David Kahn has to say about this. If this is an intrigue against haredi Knesset parties, Toldot Aharon will be in for a surprise how fast Ya’ir Lapid is snatching their youngsters into workforce and into the army. 🙂



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