Book of Esther - Megillath Esther

The Jewish vulnerability and Purim

Tomorrow night, the Jewish world is entering a new month called ADAR. Adar is supposed to be a month full of joy and the most popular symbol is Purim. Many people think that Purim is all about getting drunk or dressing up and putting on masks. Of course, we should eat and drink (a bit) on Purim but the Megillah (the Book of Esther) is teaching us much more than freaking out and stumbling around drunk. It is teaching us about the everlasting anti – Semitism. 
The Rambam (Maimonides, Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon, 1135 – 1204) writes in his Mishna Torah (Hilchot Megillah) that Purim is the only holiday we will celebrate eternally. After the arrival of Meshiach, all other Jewish holidays will be cancelled but not Purim. 
Why ?
Rabbi Joseph B. Solovitchik states that Purim is a symbol for Jewish vulnerability. Today we are popular and the non – Jewish world invites and loves us. However, tomorrow we may be doomed and face extermination. 
Today the Jews were invited to the feast of King Achashverosh and a couple of days later, Achashverosh agreed to a mass extermination of all Jews. 
According to Rabbi Soloveitchik only prayer can help us. G – d is the one in charge and we should refrain from arrogance and being so full of ourselves. Today we may be famous and successful but never forget: All this can change within a second. From one moment to the next our life is turned upside down.  We don’t know what is happening tomorrow and danger appears without any warning. This is what Purim is supposed to teach us: Our own vulnerability ! 

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